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Mass Adoption for a more peaceful world


An olive branch is one of the most enduring symbols of peace, prosperity and hope the world has ever known, dating back to ancient times. The origin of olive branch symbolism can be traced to Greek mythology with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, planting an olive tree as a gift to provide the people of Attica with food, oil and wood. The tree represented peace and prosperity.


This early symbolism echoes across centuries and civilizations to the present day, where peace is elusive. Nations war over territory and natural resources, funding the conflicts by printing money. This infinite money supply is an affront to peace in several respects, including the debasement of fiat currencies which lowers the prosperity of everyday people.


However, there is hope…


Bitcoin and some other decentralized cryptocurrencies offer an opportunity for the world to choose a peaceful way forward by removing intermediaries and offering a fixed supply, among other benefits. 

The Mass Adoption Alliance is dedicated to advancing this goal of peace through cryptocurrency education. By making cryptocurrency education readily accessible and freely available, we can empower future generations to become self-sovereign adults who are able to safely store, transact and easily transfer their wealth across borders without an intermediary. 


Educating today’s youth about bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies is an investment in a more equitable, peaceful future. 
Get in touch and learn more about becoming a founding member of the Mass Adoption Alliance. Your support can help us fulfill our mission of changing the world, for good!

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