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MAA’s has a forward-looking focus; we're investing in the next generation. The promise of mass adoption rests with future generations and our imperative is to facilitate discussions among stakeholders, amplify existing initiatives and provide educational resources for youth and those most readily able to support their learning experiences—teachers and parents.


Education of any kind is the long play. It's investing time and other resources today for a potential payoff in the future. The thing about education is, it changes us in the process. We're introduced to new ideas, and some of them transform us.

Inspiring transformation is the mission of MAA and every bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrency product, service and nonprofit in the space today. Each initiative is focused on moving the world forward toward a future where decentralization and mass adoption are the norm. MAA was created to magnify those efforts and promote transformative education.

We are stronger together

MAA's aim is to unite every bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrency initiative worldwide to elevate the cause of youth education. We bring existing businesses, nonprofits and humanitarian organizations around the world together under the MAA umbrella as Alliance partners—amplifying products, services and educational initiatives that contribute to the future of mass adoption. By sharing resources and connections across our collective networks we can help youth, educators and parents learn about and readily utilize products and services across the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are stronger together.

Educational and humanitarian partnerships

MAA will also act as an educational clearinghouse, curating learning portals for students, teachers and parents worldwide. MAA will link to resources worldwide and Alliance partners can also continually contribute information and resources about their products and services in order to keep the information current and contribute to the ongoing development of MAA's catalog of resources.

Once the portals are 'live' MAA will partner with educational and humanitarian organizations worldwide to raise awareness and create a feedback loop to help us improve our libraries over time.

Reaching youth around the world

Setting this in motion will require global cooperation in order to share resources and expand the reach and positive impact—across borders, socioeconomic barriers and diverse audiences. Collectively, the Alliance could reach youth everywhere from suburban school classrooms to remote refugee camps.

MAA is a bridge between the foundation we’re building today and a future where mass adoption is realized. Youth education is the vehicle that has the power to carry our hopes and dreams forward into the future where bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies empower a more peaceful, equitable world for future generations.

Get involved

The success of MAA depends on your involvement—it's going to be a team effort! There are countless ways we can work together to elevate this important cause. Please consider supporting MAA through a donation or in-kind support. If you would like to join the Alliance as a founding partner, we would love to connect.

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