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Mass Adoption Alliance
Mass Adoption Alliance's mission is empowering youth through education about bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies. We provide freely-available educational resources which can be utilized by youth and those most readily able to support their learning experiences—teachers and parents. Mass adoption depends on future generations safely and actively navigating cryptocurrency. We contend that mass adoption will contribute to a more peaceful future for generations to come. 

Why this matters

Mass adoption requires future generations to actively engage with bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies. Existing educational offerings focus on education for adults, appealing to the current market. The Mass Adoption Alliance (MAA) has a forward-looking focus; we're investing in the next generation.

Every cryptocurrency-related project and organization that exists today is building the foundation upon which future generations will stand. The promise of mass adoption rests with those future generations. MAA's imperative is to provide educational resources for youth and those who are most readily able to support their learning experiences—teachers and parents.

Why not just bitcoin?

This is a fundamental question that surfaces during introductory discussions about the Mass Adoption Alliance. The answer is straightforward: when it comes to safety and education initiatives, a comprehensive approach equips a new learner most effectively and meets them where they're at. For example, youth are unlikely to enter the space thinking about intergenerational wealth, instead they're simply experimenting as they encounter tokens or coins through gaming or other online activities.

Providing a comprehensive primer of the landscape and corresponding guides, tools and hands-on learning opportunities equips youth to make educated decisions as they explore cryptocurrencies. With this in mind, if MAA's lens was bitcoin-only, youth would miss the opportunity to learn about critically important topics such as the difference between centralized and decentralized digital currencies. Empowering youth to make informed decisions is primary to equipping future generations to become self-sovereign.

Constructing an Alliance

The way forward is extremely exciting and also relatively simple—assemble an alliance of individuals and organizations to support the mission. Setting this in motion will require global cooperation in order to share resources and expand the reach and positive impact—across borders, socioeconomic barriers and diverse audiences.

Collectively, the Alliance could reach youth everywhere from suburban school classrooms to remote refugee camps. Today more than a billion students around the world are enrolled in public, private and home schools. Countless additional youth are displaced due to domestic or cross-border homelessness including the economically disadvantaged, refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless people. Regardless of circumstance, every school-age child deserves to be educated about cryptocurrency use and safety. MAA aims to make this possible through partnerships across three primary ecosystems: cryptocurrency, education and humanitarian.

Countless mutually-beneficial opportunities are possible through cooperation. For example, imagine a partnership between MAA and an internet access initiative where cryptocurrency learning resources are introduced to educators and youth as the school comes online. There are countless potential partnerships like this, which could multiply the positive impact.

How to get involved

The success of MAA depends on your involvement—it's going to be a team effort! There are countless ways we can work together to elevate this important cause. If you would like to discuss a potential partnership please reach out, we would love to connect!

Support the mission

Please consider supporting MAA through a traditional donation, in-kind support or cryptocurrency contribution. Thank you in advance for helping us empower youth through education!

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