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Why is an alliance important?

An alliance is a concept long-revered as a mechanism for mutual cooperation dating back to the late Middle Ages. The oldest known alliance, The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance forged in 1386, ushered in a spirit of friendship and mutual respect between England and Portugal that has carried across time to the present day. This alliance is a bond that has informed each country's military during times of world war, and during times of peace a cross-cultural appreciation has blossomed among citizens. An alliance created over 600 years ago continues to foster mutual respect and benefit for both parties.

By definition 'an alliance is a relationship among people, groups, or states that have joined together for mutual benefit or to achieve some common purpose, whether or not explicit agreement has been worked out among them. Members of an alliance are called allies.'

History provides a roadmap for this brave new world of oursforging an alliance to foster peace across the ages is a gift we give to ourselves and future generations.

Youth education is that bridge between Satoshi's generation and those that follow. Mass adoption depends on the next generation reaching for the baton and running toward a future we may only dream about. That future relay is dependent on an investment of time and resources that we make, as a alliance, today.

What we can achieve together

Central to MAA's mission is coordinating an alliance of partners across cryptocurrency, education and humanitarian ecosystems. There are countless opportunities for mutual benefit as well as expanding the positive impact of youth education to every corner of the globe. Sharing information across our mutual networks multiplies awareness across new audiences worldwide.

MAA acts as a hub, coordinating educational resources and collaborative opportunities across cryptocurrency, education and humanitarian ecosystems

What does it mean to be an Alliance Partner?

The Alliance wheel in the image above represents some of the many stakeholders that would find mutual benefit from participating...and we invite you to join us! Grab a seat at the table; help guide the future of MAA as an Alliance partner.

Alliance partners may wish to contribute to MAA by:

  • Actively participating in the MAA outreach efforts; helping us get the word out

  • Sharing your expertise about an ecosystem (e.g. humanitarian initiatives)

  • Sharing your expertise about nonprofit grant writing, fundraising

  • Connecting MAA with your network of mentors and business contacts

  • Sharing links to new and existing learning resources about your own product/service/initiative to be included in one or more of the MAA learning libraries (e.g. e-books, podcasts, videos)

  • Sponsoring a massive learning library, three total: youth, educators and parents

  • Sponsoring the after school club toolkit, providing classroom materials for educators, independent learning resources for students and guides for parents

  • Sponsoring microgrants to support educators presenting at professional conferences or school chapters presenting to nearby peer institutions about bitcoin

  • Making an in-kind donation of hardware to schools for use in classrooms and after school clubs (e.g. wallets, mining equipment, nodes)

  • Sponsoring MAA’s annual online conference for youth and educators worldwide (beginning June, 2024)

  • Supporting MAA directly through a donation of fiat to support our work today or BTC we can HODL to sustain us in the future

The most precious donation is offering your expertise as we get this project off the ground and helping us get the word out. Please tell your network about MAA!

Let's aim for a 600 year legacy of our own, one that will cause future generations to look back at these early efforts by Satoshi's generation and applaud how we forged an Alliance to establish a culture of cooperation that echoed across timeushering in mass adoption of bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrencies.

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